What3words and Power Network

UK Power networks has partnered with what3words. What3words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres. What3words differs from most other location encoding systems in that it displays three words rather than long strings of numbers or letters. It is the easiest way to communicate any precise location as 3m square in the world has been given a simple three-word address.

You can download the FREE app on apple Apple or Android.

To help boost public safety UK power network has partnered with what3words there new network advice is a s follows,

If you see a broken or damaged pole or power line stay well away. Download the what3words app if you don’t already have it and use the app to select the square closest to the electricity equipment. Call 0800 31 63 105, give UK Power Networks the three words so they can locate, turn off the power and get it fixed faster.

what3words can also be used to report an emergency situation. If your vehicle or the machinery you are using comes into contact with an overhead power line we can find your location faster and more accurately.

So make sure all staff are aware of this procedure and get them to download the app.